Shotgun Law

So, you have to go somewhere, and all your friends standing about equal distance from the car and you are also getting very sick of being the one who always seems to be sitting in that awful middle seat on the hump in the backseat of the car. There shotgun car hatare laws that have been put into place to help determine the rights of those who sit in the car. The law of the shotgun. Calling shotgun is a sacred law that is abided by those who usually also act in accordance with the Bro Code. First and foremost, if there is a woman present, she gets to sit in the front as you are a gentleman and a scholar and have morals. However, if it is just you and a bunch of your overly-long limbed bros, then it is perfectly in your right to call shotgun. He who calls shotgun first is the one entitled to the front seat of the car in the upper-right quadrant of the car. Most importantly, the car must be in view. Calling shotgun from three miles away is meaningless and you will be considered a fool and a dreamer. So, when the car is in view, and when everyone is there to hear you, it is time to call shotgun and the seat is yours. However, if you and your bro call shotgun at the same time, then a second law is put into practice: the law of the blitz. A blitz play is when the front seat shall go to whoever can reach the door first and other must sit in the back-middle seat full of shame and the understanding that they are clearly the weaker link. Now there also comes the quandary of whether you have an excessively tall freak in your group and how much he will complain about sitting in the back.

Try to drown out his complaining as he clearly just showed that he was not intelligent enough to call shotgun before you. Another dilemma could arise if you call shotgun and one Neanderthal friend does not even respect the sanctity of what you did. You have probably been told a few times in your life that violence is never the answer. In this situation, violence is not shotgunonly allowed, it is recommended. Rip his disrespectful butt out of the seat and proclaim your superiority for all of your friends to see. Back to the blitz play, there also can be a situation where you and your friend reach the door at the same time. No, it is not time for violence just yet, but a rock, paper, scissors match can solve this problem. There are a few ways to go about this and I recommend cheating. Try throwing out your hand a second after him and try to see what he is going to throw out, so you know what to do and win. This is not a time for honor; your leg room is at stake. Follow these rules and you will be just fine on your next outing to to the mall or McDonalds.

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Herbs to Improve Your Cat’s Health

You may be a dog person, you may be a cat person, or you may be both. But whatever floats your boat doesn’t matter, because you just want your furry friend to be healthy. Today we will discuss how to make your cat healthier, the natural way. Cats can get sick pretty easily and once they are sick it’s hard to miss because they’ll start throwing up all over the place. I personally am not a cat person, but I’ve catsbabysat for cats before. I’m also allergic to cat’s saliva, which basically means I’m allergic to the entire cat because they lick themselves all over to clean themselves. You may be wondering how I found out I am allergic to just the cat saliva, but you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. I’ll just tel you that it involved a pregnant woman and a psychic.

Plant medicine is not just for humans, you know. Dogs and cats alike can benefit from various herbs (and from pure essential oils, too!). Some beneficial herbs for cats are: First and foremost – catnip. This is the go-to herb for cats all over the world. It makes them calm and happy, and can also be used for more hands-on medicinal purposes. Chamomile – the famously-calming effect of chamomile also transfers to our feline friends, and helps them to relax and take away stress. Wheatgrass – made famous as a superfood for humans, this herb is a great source of fiber, and it helps the cat with its digestion. Many herbs in the mint family are also beneficial, and different cats go for different strains of mint. As for ways to improve your cat’s health, here are a few simple things to do.

As always, if you plan to start something new, it is a good idea to talk to your vet first. Diet – is your cat’s food up to par? There is a chance your pet’s health will improve with an improved diet. This means cutting out unhealthy snacks, scraps, and dairy, and perhaps introducing more raw meat. Remember, your kitty is a carnivore. cats1Also, take age into account. Grooming and hygiene – using shampoos and sprays made of natural substances (coconut oil, lavender oil, and others), rather than commercially-available products which are often laden with chemicals. Activity – keep your cat active, whether outside or inside.This is a great thing, in the short and long term. If you only see your kitty in the evening after work, you have got to make time for some fun and games. Not only will it strengthen your relationship. It will keep your cat healthier. Dental care – this also ties into diet, but it deserves a bullet of its own. Your cat’s teeth are part of its identity. Make sure you feed your cat foods which are beneficial for its teeth and oral cavity. There are certain veggies and spices which can act as bacteria killers, and help to disinfect Mr. Whiskers’ mouth.

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Selecting Glasses

Picking glasses are a hard task! It’s something that will help define you to others. It’s part of your first impression, your last impression, and everything in between. glassesIt says a lot about your personality, but it also informs your personality at the same time. That’s so much pressure for a piece of plastic or metal! And so much pressure for you, the one who must pick them out! Glasses are a funny thing. Some people don’t like wearing them, and will even go so far as to have laser surgery to remove the need. Yet others want to wear them when they don’t have to. Take my brother, for example. He doesn’t need glasses, the only one in the family who’s like that. Yet he has a baby face, which didn’t bode well for him in his work as a teacher. Because he also started teaching when he was young, when he would prepare for parent-teacher conferences he would get a pair of fake glasses ready and wear them for the meetings to look older.

Now, as I said, it’s hard to pick the right frames for you. There are so many different factors to consider! For instance, lens style, lens shape, lens color, and lens size. Then there’s the shape of the frame, the material that the frame is made from, the design and the color. The color is perhaps the most simple (but perhaps glasses1not! everyone is different!). I mean, you could either go neutral with a black, add a little pop with a white, do a clear frame for a unique yet subtle look, or do color. The thing I always get nervous about when considering a colored frame is how will it look with different outfits of mine. I know that it doesn’t have to match exactly, but I think it would look really weird if I was wearing like a purple outfit and then bright red glasses. These are important things to consider! And then the lens size. I used to have very small lenses, and at the time I thought they looked good on me. But later on I wasn’t sure what I had been thinking at the time, as I switched to bigger lenses and loved the look so much more. and, I got complements on the frames as well! Even now I get compliments, even though a lot of time has passed and they’re not new anymore.

Now in terms of color, I told you about my reservations. But I also didn’t want to be boring. So, I luckily found a middle ground. I got one pair of glasses with black in the front and purple on the sides. So it’s a bit neutral and a bit not. and then I got another pair of glasses where the outside of the frames is black, once again neutral, while the insides are red- adding that much-needed pop of color without going overboard.

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The Beauty Behind Enlightenment

leonard cohen 1“What would Leonard Cohen do?” there’s a bracelet we should all be carrying, huh? A line we should be asking ourselves at every turn. What would Field Commander Cohen do? We don’t know, but it would probably involve some soul searching. That is the conclusion we should arrive at, since it is probably holds more merit than any other answer that could be provided. Searching one’s soul means actually thinking about the situation, and more than that – it means accepting responsibility. And that, ladies and gents, is where an individual’s greatness comes from. It is from the voluntary adoption of a burden. A responsibility. A personal one, at first, and then – time and space permitting – other responsibilities. But more of than not, we should do what Cohen did. He searched his soul. He searched in wisdoms, too, yes. But he took them into account while searching with his soul. And this is what makes the difference between that answer, and pretty much any cookie cutter answer.

There is a lesson in the Tao Te Ching: if the tao can be spoken, it is not the tao. In other words, there are certain truths that no human mouth can articulate. Some can be, and should be taught. Others are like “trying to solve an algebra problem by chewing bubblegum”, as a writer once said. It makes no sense, and it has no way of meaning anything other than to oneself. That is to say, there is a good chance that there is someone who will be able to prove an entirely complicated the rum to oneself by chewing bubblegum. Yes. But to all others, it would appear as though this person is only blowing bubbles.

The truth, the enlightenment, is a hoax. It is a trap. It does not exist beyond you. Not really. The problem is that some people don’t take the time to actually examine themselves. Many people – myself included – are not prone to that, for a variety of reasons. We all have the stories we tell ourselves about why we are not being the enlightenmentpeople we can or should be. About what we are not acting in ways which we find acceptable, even by our very own definitions. Human beings are complicated. We abdicated the physical superiority and strength reserved for primates, for that of the mind and of the spirit. But, blindly, all we seek to attain that physical, material strength. We are unaware, perhaps, of why we gave it up in the first place. But we need to find out why, again.

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Mehico Here I Come

mexico 2My bags were packed and I was ready to leave. I quickly grabbed my toiletries, which wasn’t much. I didn’t like to carry much. Me, my toothbrush, my Tea Tree oil Shampoo, my shaver and my bar of soap. I added a few pairs of knickers and some tee-shirts and a few rolled pair of jeans
and I was ready to hit the road. I grabbed my passport and jumped into my taxi before you could say Mexico! I liked to do a few trips here and there and since my inheritance I have been doing a few more trips! I know I am supposed to hold on to that money but you only live once – right?
Well maybe! Who knows, maybe we live four, five, six times, either way I was a travel junkie and I didn’t care who knew it. I got London Heathrow in no time. It was a long flight but I didn’t care. More time to write and read.

I was super excited. This trip I had planned to do the whole of Central America, make my way down to South America and then hop over to the Caribbean once I had made my way back round to Mexico. It’s a big trip and I didn’t have many belongings with me. What I did have is my Berlitz Basic Spanish Dictionary, my Lonely Planet guide to Central America – I plan on trading it in South America with someone who has finished with theirs and is planning on going back up to Central America.

I had been to Mexico once before but this time was going to be different. I had no return ticket! The last time I went to Mexico I worked there for a year on an exchange program. I was only 18 then. Now I was 26 and was a little older and wiser and ready  to see what was to come. I am hoping to meet up with a girl I met there who actually lives in Mexico City. We have stayed in contact for many years. She was pretty cool and reminded me a lot of Salma Hayek, she had her features. She said that she wanted to show me the real Mexico this time, whatever that means!mexico 1

She was a heavy drinker so I was a little worried about that as I had calmed down in that department. You see in the UK its legal to drink at 18 so I went with that mentality and boy did we drink. I remember one night drinking with mini Salma and a few other hot Mexican guys, one happened to be her boyfriend, he was super cute I recall. Anyway, he was taken! We all sat
there on the beach of Playa Zicatela in Puerto Escondido till early hours of the morn. I used to have the weekends to myself so I would go to different part of Mexico and do little mini trips and that’s when I met Adriana. By the time we were sitting there on the beach in Puerto, we had both hung out on a few occasions. This trip was probably the 5 the we did together and she had obviously decided on this trip she would get super drunk. We drank something called Mezcal.
It’s an alcoholic drink made from Cactus and its slightly hallucinogenic! That was one weekend I didn’t forget!

Anyway I am now older and wiser now and I don’t think I will be going on another wild weekend with my friend Adriana anytime soon. Mehico, here I come!
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Lush Bath Bombs

bath bombs 3 It took me a while to get back to bathing. The first few apartments I lived in as an adult did not facilitate that at all, and I got used to showering. Did it for years. The only time when I would bathe would be when I was in the Jacuzzi or something, in a hotel or after the gym. And those instances are few and far between.

Essentially, I was a shower person. Until I rediscovered baths when we moved to the place where I am now. I finally have a tub that I can fit it, properly! And it isn’t as if I am bigger or longer than most adults. I am fairly average, good height weight proportion. Bathtubs were just too small, and were obviously made for bathing children rather than adults.

When we were hunting for an apartment that time around, I didn’t necessarily look for such a thing. It wasn’t on my list or anything. That was just a delicious added bonus to an apartment we loved regardless of that. One of the first things I did – and we were still living in boxes at the time – is have a nice long bath. And it was around that time that I discovered bath bombs. I remember it vividly, since it had been such a long time since I felt comfortable enough to actually bathe in the tub in my house. It is a privilege which we may not be appreciating in the way it should be appreciated. I mean, wow!

I let the water flow, I add whatever I add, and it gets all steamy. The moment that I lay down there and close my eyes, and feel the hot water soothe my every ache and sore… there is nothing like it.

There was a review done by Maple Holistics about the Lush bath bomb, and they made them sound pretty fricking amazing. Now, I’ll be honest, I am a sucker for sucbath bombs 1h things. I really am. Just give me a bath bomb, baby, and unless it is utterly terrible, chances are I am going to like it. I even enjoy making my very own sometimes.

I cannot help liking using a bath bomb, if only because of the setting – the unique setting, I should say – where the bath bomb makes it appearence. I am psychologically wired to enjoy it, I guess. By the time I get out the bath bomb, it means that I am either home alone for a couple of hours – seriously, a dream come true. Or, alternatively, it means that even though there are kids and stuff in the house, I made the decision to be egocentric and think about me.

So, Lush is a company which was founded over 20 years ago. They deal with all kinds of cosmetics, and bath bombs are one of their earliest products. Way before the company was founded, co-founder Mo Constantine came up with the idea. Certainly, this item is the bomb.

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The Infamous M16

m16%20viper%20with%20the%20coyote%20ugly%20finish%20by%20m16%20clinicThe M16 (what you civilians call AR-15) is one of the most convenient and reliable assault rifles out there. I am not necessarily talking about the ones that were used in Vietnam. Heck, those things had some issues, man. No no, I am talking more about the modern versions of the M16/AR-15. This semi-automatic assault rifle is one of the most popular home defense weapon in the country, and that is not an accident.

The AR-15 has it all: easy to handle, clean, and maintain; carries lots of firepower; close/mid/long-range capabilities; oh so many variants and models; more aftermarket accessories and modification options then you could shake a stick at.


The thing is accurate, durable, and dependable. Almost as reliable as the AK-47, in my opinion. It really does depend on many factors. The philosophy of use of the M16 ( is one which still holds a lot of water today. It is about giving the individual – be it a soldier or civilian – the authority and firepower to handle anything and everything which could pose an immediate threat.

Most home defense encounters will occur in the short to mid-range. You can count on the AR-15 in those situations, for sure. Obviously, it also depends on the amount of practice you have had with the thing. You can’t expect a novice to be accurate. But there is almost no recoil, no jams, no interruptions, and the 5.56mm ammo is outlawed by the Geneva convention for a reason, you know.

Point and shoot. It works for home defense, it works for hunting, and it works for just having some fun at the range. It is relatively light, it is powerful, and it is a pleasure to shoot. Better still, the M16 is easy on the shoulders, and it can be used to take down two-legged and four-legged varmints alike.

Whether there is a rabbit in your tomatoes on an idle Tuesday, or a surly-looking dumbass trying to break into your home at 3 AM, nothing says get the %$#@ off my property like a good old-fashioned semi-automatic assault rifle. True, in recent years the shotgun has been making a fair comeback, but an assault rifle is still considered one of the most popular home-defense options around.

Sgt. Bradley Rhen Spc. Kenneth Bull, Co. C, 325th FSB, fires his M16 from the back of an LMTV during convoy live-fire training Dec. 4 at Schofield Barracks.

It has been used by military, police departments, government agents, and civilians all over the world, for about 50 years. The M16 was the answer to the question of the lone infantryman, and that answer continues to echo through the years. The AR-15 / M16 / M4 variants are truly something else. Add a scope or sight to that thing, and there is nothing that can stop you. It works, it gets the job done, and it is an affordable weapon. There is every modification and accessory imaginable out there, and that means that you have the chance to make the weapon your very own. That means a lot, since

in order to become a good shot, it is best to develop a personal relationship with your weapon. To know its ins and outs, and to customize it accordingly. I am not talking about tacticool accessories, but rather about things which are actually needed.

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Argan Is The Way For Beauty

indexArgan shampoo, what is it? Is it a brand of shampoo? I mean, I can totally understand why you might think that argan shampoo(Reviewed by Maple Holistics) might be a brand of shampoos, as I started out a sentence with the word argan, which meant I had to capitalize the a in argan. But that’s not correct. You see, the argan of argan shampoo refers not to some company named “Argan” but to an ingredient. And if you could not guess what the argan in argan shampoo is, it is very obviously jojoba tree oil. No, I am just kidding, the argan in argan shampoo is referring to argan oil. In fact, it should probably be called something like argan oil shampoo, which is more to the point and would lead to less confusion at the beginning of sentences. I think it is ridiculous in the first place that I had to spend so much time going over why exactly you guys were wrong about thinking that the argan in argan shampoo was referring to some kind of brand or product name instead of referring simply to the primary ingredient in the shampoo.
So, we know that argan shampoo is a shampoo made from argan, but what exactly does that mean for us as consumers? Well, let me tell you a bit about argan, and maybe you will start to understand just what exactly is argan shampoo. So you see, argan comes from the argan tree, a tree native to Morocco, and has actually been used for several hundred years. Yes, that’s absolutely right, even though this may be the first time in your life that you are hearing about argan trees and argan shampoo, these babies have been around longer than you have been alive (unless you are a vampire, but in that case, why are you reading about argan shampoo?). The Moroccans have been using them
twofold, both as a medicine, and as a food. They make this distinction pretty simply actually, as the medicine is made with unroasted argan nuts, and the food one is made with roasted argan nuts. The food one is less relevant to us, although I think it just goes to show the absolute versatility of the argan nut, something that not everything has.

On the medicinal front, there’s quite a lot to be said. Moroccans have been using it in much the same way that we use it now in cosmetics. While the Moroccans used it to treat burns and origen_argan_salerm-2heal scar tissue, we also use the argan oil for the same thing. In fact, we are using the argan oil for more things than the Moroccans ever did. While they understood the healing properties of the argan oil, they never applied it for more cosmetic use. Which is a downright shame, because argan shampoo is a great thing for my hair, and while I am not going to disparage an entire country, the Moroccans definitely could have used some argan shampoo to keep their hair feeling fresh.

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Glock’s 17th Patent – A Firearm Revolution

The first handgun which Gaston Glock ever manufactured and produced was the Glock model 17, so named because it was the Glock company’s 17th patent. The Glock 17 was commissioned by the Austrian Ministry of Defense, after winning a bid in the early 1980’s. The Austrians were looking for a new kind of sidearm, and the Glock 17 was up to the challenge.gaston glock

Interestingly, Gaston Glock had no prior firearm experience. All he had was his own capabilities, and his dedicated team of engineers. Within a few months, Glock had a working prototype, and the semi-automatic 9mm Glock 17 was on its way up.

Some specifications and stats of the Glock 17 (full size, 9mm):

Length 8.03 inches

Height 5.43 inches

Width 1.18 inches

Around 60% of law enforcement agencies and police departments use a Glock 17 as a primary weapon. Some also use the Baby Glock 26 subcompact as a backup gun, in an ankle or small-of-back holster.

10 million Glock handguns have been sold, and the Glock 17 is still one of their most popular models. People love the grip of a full size 9mm weapon, and Glock knows its customers well.

The Glock 17 is used by countless government agencies, police departments, and military units and organizations all around the globe. It is a favorite of many shooters, whether they are beginners or veterans of the firing range. Gunivore has a thorough review of this revolutionary firearm.

The standard Glock 17 comes with 2 factory-made, polymer-based, 17-round magazines. The Gen 4 models come with 3 magazines. 17 is the standard, but other magazines (such as a 19- or 33-round magazine) may also be used. You can pack a lot of firepower with the G17, and it is an accurate and precise weapon. This is what makes it such a favorite. The only thing which I would change about the Glock is the sights.

Glock’s factory sights are good. The 3-dot configuration is easy to use, but I chose to have night sights added to mine. I feel that this is the only way to really be confident, even after dark. It is true that most civilian encounters are made at very short distances, but I believe in being prepared. Even I never really need to use my night sights, I feel better knowing that they are there.the otiginia

The G17 has so many accessories, but the truth is you don’t need many aftermarket products with a Glock. Except for a holster and bullets, it comes ready to use. Popular Glock 17 accessories includes lighter ‘hair’ triggers, grips, sights, and custom slide covers.

As far as cleaning and maintenance, the Glock is easy to handle. A quick strip is all you need. A bit of oil, a rag, and patience. The Glock has only 34 parts altogether, which is why it barely ever fails. Less parts means less that may go wrong with the firearm.

The price of a standard G17 is about $500. Is it cheap? No, but it is not too expensive either. It is a reasonable price for a full sized 9mm. Value for money? You can count on it!

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My Favorite Rifles

The rifle has undergone so many changes throughout its history. I feel we are now at a crossroads with rifles, at a place where we are still using bullets. At some point not too far away, I think, we will be using other kinds of ammunition.

For now, though, the rifle is still one of the most popular weapons around. There are assault rifles, hunting rifles, sniper rifles. Fully automatic, semi-automatic. Calibers, designs, accessories. It is a wide world of firearms, but there are some which stand out. Here are four of my favorite rifles. Beware – this list is going to be very ordinary. I am a firm believer in the modern classics.

Top 4 Favorite Rifles


bad ass mofoNow, to be clear, I am not talking about the original Soviet AK-47, but of semi-automatic variants of this legendary rifle. The full-auto mode is junk anyway, and is not realistic in most encounters. To quote Samuel L. Jackson in Tarantino’s Jackie Brown:

“AK-47. When you absolutely, positively have to kill every MF in the room. Accept no substitutes”.

If Sam Jackson says it, it must be true. And it pretty much is. This is a rifle which is a favorite of many soldiers, freedom fighters, terrorists, and revolutionaries all over the world. It is almost unmatched.


Effective at many ranges, this is a rifle which was developed for the jungles of Vietnam. It underwent many changes over the years, and the modern variants of the AR-15 are lethal and accurate. There are so many models out there, made by companies such as SIG Sauer, Ruger, and Bushmaster. High-quality weapons for protection and self-defense. The recoil is almost nonexistent, giving you more accurate follow-ups, and you can carry a lot of 5.56mm rounds. They are small and deadly, perfect for many different kinds of encounters.


This became one of my favorites after I shot it at a gun show. The IWI in the U.S. is doing great things with the Tavor’s civilian models. Whether you go with the old-school Tavor or with the new X95 model, this is one 5.56mm bullpup which is made for 21st century combat. At least, until we get the hang of those space-age laser weapons, or begin using light sabers. The Tavor is more expensive than the others, but it is light, effective, compact, and accurate – not to mention totally badass.

Savage 10 TR

one fine gunThis is one which has “beautiful” written all over it. I mean, yeah, it is meant to shoot bullets and kill people and animals, but it is really inspiring. Its design is flawless in my opinion. Unfortunately, this rifle is marketed as a law enforcement and military kind of rifle, which I personally don’t see a need for. I mean, civilians can also get their hands on it, so what’s the point? But that is just a pet peeve. It is a rifle which I don’t actually own, but it is one my favorites, so I am including it here.

Now get on out there, and stay safe. Thanks for reading!