I’d Rather Use Plant Medicine

When you utter the phrase “plant medicine”, there are those who will understand, and then there are those who will look at you with an amused expression (normally after rolling their eyes slightly).

Plant Medicine?

When people hear that term, they may envision a shaman cooking up mushrooms, chanting, and dancing naked around a fire. Sounds fun, I know. Either way, I have been to the practice of several alternative doctors, and have not seen a single fire yet. Unless you count the sticks which light the candles in aromatherapy.alternative

The human body is a delicate and fragile system sometimes. Even the most accomplished medical doctors will agree that modern science doesn’t know everything. That would be way too presumptuous, even for a doctor.

It’s clear that science doesn’t have all the answers quite yet. The more scientists learn, the more questions are raised. Issues are solved, and others replace them. There is this feeling of chasing our medical tails sometimes. I believe the answer lies in bridging the gap between modern western medicine and plant medicine.

The food we eat, the way we conduct ourselves – these have a tremendous effect on how healthy we remain. Genes count, but there is no way it is all up to genetics. I don’t care how predisposed you are to something, you should not let it dictate the way you act, or eat, or move. Things change all the time. The world and its inhabitants are dynamic, and the stagnation or movement which occur on the genetic level affect all of us.

whats it going to be NeoIf you feel dissatisfied with the way you are being treated as a patient, consider reading up more on ancient traditions. Find a professional alternative medicine man (or woman), which can help you overcome your medical issues. I am not saying you should abandon all of western medicine. I am saying that sometimes, ancient traditions are spot on, and they can provide answers on a systemic, biological level.

The body’s and mind’s connections are many, and the ones discovered and used by science are somewhat limited, compared with the wealth of knowledge which exists in old-time medical lore. Each kind of medicine has its time and place. Don’t knock plants and herbs. They are the root of modern medicine.

My blog is here for those of us who would rather go back to traditional natural living.