Glock’s 17th Patent – A Firearm Revolution

The first handgun which Gaston Glock ever manufactured and produced was the Glock model 17, so named because it was the Glock company’s 17th patent. The Glock 17 was commissioned by the Austrian Ministry of Defense, after winning a bid in the early 1980’s. The Austrians were looking for a new kind of sidearm, and the Glock 17 was up to the challenge.gaston glock

Interestingly, Gaston Glock had no prior firearm experience. All he had was his own capabilities, and his dedicated team of engineers. Within a few months, Glock had a working prototype, and the semi-automatic 9mm Glock 17 was on its way up.

Some specifications and stats of the Glock 17 (full size, 9mm):

Length 8.03 inches

Height 5.43 inches

Width 1.18 inches

Around 60% of law enforcement agencies and police departments use a Glock 17 as a primary weapon. Some also use the Baby Glock 26 subcompact as a backup gun, in an ankle or small-of-back holster.

10 million Glock handguns have been sold, and the Glock 17 is still one of their most popular models. People love the grip of a full size 9mm weapon, and Glock knows its customers well.

The Glock 17 is used by countless government agencies, police departments, and military units and organizations all around the globe. It is a favorite of many shooters, whether they are beginners or veterans of the firing range. Gunivore has a thorough review of this revolutionary firearm.

The standard Glock 17 comes with 2 factory-made, polymer-based, 17-round magazines. The Gen 4 models come with 3 magazines. 17 is the standard, but other magazines (such as a 19- or 33-round magazine) may also be used. You can pack a lot of firepower with the G17, and it is an accurate and precise weapon. This is what makes it such a favorite. The only thing which I would change about the Glock is the sights.

Glock’s factory sights are good. The 3-dot configuration is easy to use, but I chose to have night sights added to mine. I feel that this is the only way to really be confident, even after dark. It is true that most civilian encounters are made at very short distances, but I believe in being prepared. Even I never really need to use my night sights, I feel better knowing that they are there.the otiginia

The G17 has so many accessories, but the truth is you don’t need many aftermarket products with a Glock. Except for a holster and bullets, it comes ready to use. Popular Glock 17 accessories includes lighter ‘hair’ triggers, grips, sights, and custom slide covers.

As far as cleaning and maintenance, the Glock is easy to handle. A quick strip is all you need. A bit of oil, a rag, and patience. The Glock has only 34 parts altogether, which is why it barely ever fails. Less parts means less that may go wrong with the firearm.

The price of a standard G17 is about $500. Is it cheap? No, but it is not too expensive either. It is a reasonable price for a full sized 9mm. Value for money? You can count on it!

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My Favorite Rifles

The rifle has undergone so many changes throughout its history. I feel we are now at a crossroads with rifles, at a place where we are still using bullets. At some point not too far away, I think, we will be using other kinds of ammunition.

For now, though, the rifle is still one of the most popular weapons around. There are assault rifles, hunting rifles, sniper rifles. Fully automatic, semi-automatic. Calibers, designs, accessories. It is a wide world of firearms, but there are some which stand out. Here are four of my favorite rifles. Beware – this list is going to be very ordinary. I am a firm believer in the modern classics.

Top 4 Favorite Rifles


bad ass mofoNow, to be clear, I am not talking about the original Soviet AK-47, but of semi-automatic variants of this legendary rifle. The full-auto mode is junk anyway, and is not realistic in most encounters. To quote Samuel L. Jackson in Tarantino’s Jackie Brown:

“AK-47. When you absolutely, positively have to kill every MF in the room. Accept no substitutes”.

If Sam Jackson says it, it must be true. And it pretty much is. This is a rifle which is a favorite of many soldiers, freedom fighters, terrorists, and revolutionaries all over the world. It is almost unmatched.


Effective at many ranges, this is a rifle which was developed for the jungles of Vietnam. It underwent many changes over the years, and the modern variants of the AR-15 are lethal and accurate. There are so many models out there, made by companies such as SIG Sauer, Ruger, and Bushmaster. High-quality weapons for protection and self-defense. The recoil is almost nonexistent, giving you more accurate follow-ups, and you can carry a lot of 5.56mm rounds. They are small and deadly, perfect for many different kinds of encounters.


This became one of my favorites after I shot it at a gun show. The IWI in the U.S. is doing great things with the Tavor’s civilian models. Whether you go with the old-school Tavor or with the new X95 model, this is one 5.56mm bullpup which is made for 21st century combat. At least, until we get the hang of those space-age laser weapons, or begin using light sabers. The Tavor is more expensive than the others, but it is light, effective, compact, and accurate – not to mention totally badass.

Savage 10 TR

one fine gunThis is one which has “beautiful” written all over it. I mean, yeah, it is meant to shoot bullets and kill people and animals, but it is really inspiring. Its design is flawless in my opinion. Unfortunately, this rifle is marketed as a law enforcement and military kind of rifle, which I personally don’t see a need for. I mean, civilians can also get their hands on it, so what’s the point? But that is just a pet peeve. It is a rifle which I don’t actually own, but it is one my favorites, so I am including it here.

Now get on out there, and stay safe. Thanks for reading!