Argan Is The Way For Beauty

indexArgan shampoo, what is it? Is it a brand of shampoo? I mean, I can totally understand why you might think that argan shampoo(Reviewed by Maple Holistics) might be a brand of shampoos, as I started out a sentence with the word argan, which meant I had to capitalize the a in argan. But that’s not correct. You see, the argan of argan shampoo refers not to some company named “Argan” but to an ingredient. And if you could not guess what the argan in argan shampoo is, it is very obviously jojoba tree oil. No, I am just kidding, the argan in argan shampoo is referring to argan oil. In fact, it should probably be called something like argan oil shampoo, which is more to the point and would lead to less confusion at the beginning of sentences. I think it is ridiculous in the first place that I had to spend so much time going over why exactly you guys were wrong about thinking that the argan in argan shampoo was referring to some kind of brand or product name instead of referring simply to the primary ingredient in the shampoo.
So, we know that argan shampoo is a shampoo made from argan, but what exactly does that mean for us as consumers? Well, let me tell you a bit about argan, and maybe you will start to understand just what exactly is argan shampoo. So you see, argan comes from the argan tree, a tree native to Morocco, and has actually been used for several hundred years. Yes, that’s absolutely right, even though this may be the first time in your life that you are hearing about argan trees and argan shampoo, these babies have been around longer than you have been alive (unless you are a vampire, but in that case, why are you reading about argan shampoo?). The Moroccans have been using them
twofold, both as a medicine, and as a food. They make this distinction pretty simply actually, as the medicine is made with unroasted argan nuts, and the food one is made with roasted argan nuts. The food one is less relevant to us, although I think it just goes to show the absolute versatility of the argan nut, something that not everything has.

On the medicinal front, there’s quite a lot to be said. Moroccans have been using it in much the same way that we use it now in cosmetics. While the Moroccans used it to treat burns and origen_argan_salerm-2heal scar tissue, we also use the argan oil for the same thing. In fact, we are using the argan oil for more things than the Moroccans ever did. While they understood the healing properties of the argan oil, they never applied it for more cosmetic use. Which is a downright shame, because argan shampoo is a great thing for my hair, and while I am not going to disparage an entire country, the Moroccans definitely could have used some argan shampoo to keep their hair feeling fresh.

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