Lush Bath Bombs

bath bombs 3 It took me a while to get back to bathing. The first few apartments I lived in as an adult did not facilitate that at all, and I got used to showering. Did it for years. The only time when I would bathe would be when I was in the Jacuzzi or something, in a hotel or after the gym. And those instances are few and far between.

Essentially, I was a shower person. Until I rediscovered baths when we moved to the place where I am now. I finally have a tub that I can fit it, properly! And it isn’t as if I am bigger or longer than most adults. I am fairly average, good height weight proportion. Bathtubs were just too small, and were obviously made for bathing children rather than adults.

When we were hunting for an apartment that time around, I didn’t necessarily look for such a thing. It wasn’t on my list or anything. That was just a delicious added bonus to an apartment we loved regardless of that. One of the first things I did – and we were still living in boxes at the time – is have a nice long bath. And it was around that time that I discovered bath bombs. I remember it vividly, since it had been such a long time since I felt comfortable enough to actually bathe in the tub in my house. It is a privilege which we may not be appreciating in the way it should be appreciated. I mean, wow!

I let the water flow, I add whatever I add, and it gets all steamy. The moment that I lay down there and close my eyes, and feel the hot water soothe my every ache and sore… there is nothing like it.

There was a review done by Maple Holistics about the Lush bath bomb, and they made them sound pretty fricking amazing. Now, I’ll be honest, I am a sucker for sucbath bombs 1h things. I really am. Just give me a bath bomb, baby, and unless it is utterly terrible, chances are I am going to like it. I even enjoy making my very own sometimes.

I cannot help liking using a bath bomb, if only because of the setting – the unique setting, I should say – where the bath bomb makes it appearence. I am psychologically wired to enjoy it, I guess. By the time I get out the bath bomb, it means that I am either home alone for a couple of hours – seriously, a dream come true. Or, alternatively, it means that even though there are kids and stuff in the house, I made the decision to be egocentric and think about me.

So, Lush is a company which was founded over 20 years ago. They deal with all kinds of cosmetics, and bath bombs are one of their earliest products. Way before the company was founded, co-founder Mo Constantine came up with the idea. Certainly, this item is the bomb.

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