Mehico Here I Come

mexico 2My bags were packed and I was ready to leave. I quickly grabbed my toiletries, which wasn’t much. I didn’t like to carry much. Me, my toothbrush, my Tea Tree oil Shampoo, my shaver and my bar of soap. I added a few pairs of knickers and some tee-shirts and a few rolled pair of jeans
and I was ready to hit the road. I grabbed my passport and jumped into my taxi before you could say Mexico! I liked to do a few trips here and there and since my inheritance I have been doing a few more trips! I know I am supposed to hold on to that money but you only live once – right?
Well maybe! Who knows, maybe we live four, five, six times, either way I was a travel junkie and I didn’t care who knew it. I got London Heathrow in no time. It was a long flight but I didn’t care. More time to write and read.

I was super excited. This trip I had planned to do the whole of Central America, make my way down to South America and then hop over to the Caribbean once I had made my way back round to Mexico. It’s a big trip and I didn’t have many belongings with me. What I did have is my Berlitz Basic Spanish Dictionary, my Lonely Planet guide to Central America – I plan on trading it in South America with someone who has finished with theirs and is planning on going back up to Central America.

I had been to Mexico once before but this time was going to be different. I had no return ticket! The last time I went to Mexico I worked there for a year on an exchange program. I was only 18 then. Now I was 26 and was a little older and wiser and ready  to see what was to come. I am hoping to meet up with a girl I met there who actually lives in Mexico City. We have stayed in contact for many years. She was pretty cool and reminded me a lot of Salma Hayek, she had her features. She said that she wanted to show me the real Mexico this time, whatever that means!mexico 1

She was a heavy drinker so I was a little worried about that as I had calmed down in that department. You see in the UK its legal to drink at 18 so I went with that mentality and boy did we drink. I remember one night drinking with mini Salma and a few other hot Mexican guys, one happened to be her boyfriend, he was super cute I recall. Anyway, he was taken! We all sat
there on the beach of Playa Zicatela in Puerto Escondido till early hours of the morn. I used to have the weekends to myself so I would go to different part of Mexico and do little mini trips and that’s when I met Adriana. By the time we were sitting there on the beach in Puerto, we had both hung out on a few occasions. This trip was probably the 5 the we did together and she had obviously decided on this trip she would get super drunk. We drank something called Mezcal.
It’s an alcoholic drink made from Cactus and its slightly hallucinogenic! That was one weekend I didn’t forget!

Anyway I am now older and wiser now and I don’t think I will be going on another wild weekend with my friend Adriana anytime soon. Mehico, here I come!
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