The Infamous M16

m16%20viper%20with%20the%20coyote%20ugly%20finish%20by%20m16%20clinicThe M16 (what you civilians call AR-15) is one of the most convenient and reliable assault rifles out there. I am not necessarily talking about the ones that were used in Vietnam. Heck, those things had some issues, man. No no, I am talking more about the modern versions of the M16/AR-15. This semi-automatic assault rifle is one of the most popular home defense weapon in the country, and that is not an accident.

The AR-15 has it all: easy to handle, clean, and maintain; carries lots of firepower; close/mid/long-range capabilities; oh so many variants and models; more aftermarket accessories and modification options then you could shake a stick at.


The thing is accurate, durable, and dependable. Almost as reliable as the AK-47, in my opinion. It really does depend on many factors. The philosophy of use of the M16 ( is one which still holds a lot of water today. It is about giving the individual – be it a soldier or civilian – the authority and firepower to handle anything and everything which could pose an immediate threat.

Most home defense encounters will occur in the short to mid-range. You can count on the AR-15 in those situations, for sure. Obviously, it also depends on the amount of practice you have had with the thing. You can’t expect a novice to be accurate. But there is almost no recoil, no jams, no interruptions, and the 5.56mm ammo is outlawed by the Geneva convention for a reason, you know.

Point and shoot. It works for home defense, it works for hunting, and it works for just having some fun at the range. It is relatively light, it is powerful, and it is a pleasure to shoot. Better still, the M16 is easy on the shoulders, and it can be used to take down two-legged and four-legged varmints alike.

Whether there is a rabbit in your tomatoes on an idle Tuesday, or a surly-looking dumbass trying to break into your home at 3 AM, nothing says get the %$#@ off my property like a good old-fashioned semi-automatic assault rifle. True, in recent years the shotgun has been making a fair comeback, but an assault rifle is still considered one of the most popular home-defense options around.

Sgt. Bradley Rhen Spc. Kenneth Bull, Co. C, 325th FSB, fires his M16 from the back of an LMTV during convoy live-fire training Dec. 4 at Schofield Barracks.

It has been used by military, police departments, government agents, and civilians all over the world, for about 50 years. The M16 was the answer to the question of the lone infantryman, and that answer continues to echo through the years. The AR-15 / M16 / M4 variants are truly something else. Add a scope or sight to that thing, and there is nothing that can stop you. It works, it gets the job done, and it is an affordable weapon. There is every modification and accessory imaginable out there, and that means that you have the chance to make the weapon your very own. That means a lot, since

in order to become a good shot, it is best to develop a personal relationship with your weapon. To know its ins and outs, and to customize it accordingly. I am not talking about tacticool accessories, but rather about things which are actually needed.

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