Selecting Glasses

Picking glasses are a hard task! It’s something that will help define you to others. It’s part of your first impression, your last impression, and everything in between. glassesIt says a lot about your personality, but it also informs your personality at the same time. That’s so much pressure for a piece of plastic or metal! And so much pressure for you, the one who must pick them out! Glasses are a funny thing. Some people don’t like wearing them, and will even go so far as to have laser surgery to remove the need. Yet others want to wear them when they don’t have to. Take my brother, for example. He doesn’t need glasses, the only one in the family who’s like that. Yet he has a baby face, which didn’t bode well for him in his work as a teacher. Because he also started teaching when he was young, when he would prepare for parent-teacher conferences he would get a pair of fake glasses ready and wear them for the meetings to look older.

Now, as I said, it’s hard to pick the right frames for you. There are so many different factors to consider! For instance, lens style, lens shape, lens color, and lens size. Then there’s the shape of the frame, the material that the frame is made from, the design and the color. The color is perhaps the most simple (but perhaps glasses1not! everyone is different!). I mean, you could either go neutral with a black, add a little pop with a white, do a clear frame for a unique yet subtle look, or do color. The thing I always get nervous about when considering a colored frame is how will it look with different outfits of mine. I know that it doesn’t have to match exactly, but I think it would look really weird if I was wearing like a purple outfit and then bright red glasses. These are important things to consider! And then the lens size. I used to have very small lenses, and at the time I thought they looked good on me. But later on I wasn’t sure what I had been thinking at the time, as I switched to bigger lenses and loved the look so much more. and, I got complements on the frames as well! Even now I get compliments, even though a lot of time has passed and they’re not new anymore.

Now in terms of color, I told you about my reservations. But I also didn’t want to be boring. So, I luckily found a middle ground. I got one pair of glasses with black in the front and purple on the sides. So it’s a bit neutral and a bit not. and then I got another pair of glasses where the outside of the frames is black, once again neutral, while the insides are red- adding that much-needed pop of color without going overboard.

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