Herbs to Improve Your Cat’s Health

You may be a dog person, you may be a cat person, or you may be both. But whatever floats your boat doesn’t matter, because you just want your furry friend to be healthy. Today we will discuss how to make your cat healthier, the natural way. Cats can get sick pretty easily and once they are sick it’s hard to miss because they’ll start throwing up all over the place. I personally am not a cat person, but I’ve catsbabysat for cats before. I’m also allergic to cat’s saliva, which basically means I’m allergic to the entire cat because they lick themselves all over to clean themselves. You may be wondering how I found out I am allergic to just the cat saliva, but you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. I’ll just tel you that it involved a pregnant woman and a psychic.

Plant medicine is not just for humans, you know. Dogs and cats alike can benefit from various herbs (and from pure essential oils, too!). Some beneficial herbs for cats are: First and foremost – catnip. This is the go-to herb for cats all over the world. It makes them calm and happy, and can also be used for more hands-on medicinal purposes. Chamomile – the famously-calming effect of chamomile also transfers to our feline friends, and helps them to relax and take away stress. Wheatgrass – made famous as a superfood for humans, this herb is a great source of fiber, and it helps the cat with its digestion. Many herbs in the mint family are also beneficial, and different cats go for different strains of mint. As for ways to improve your cat’s health, here are a few simple things to do.

As always, if you plan to start something new, it is a good idea to talk to your vet first. Diet – is your cat’s food up to par? There is a chance your pet’s health will improve with an improved diet. This means cutting out unhealthy snacks, scraps, and dairy, and perhaps introducing more raw meat. Remember, your kitty is a carnivore. cats1Also, take age into account. Grooming and hygiene – using shampoos and sprays made of natural substances (coconut oil, lavender oil, and others), rather than commercially-available products which are often laden with chemicals. Activity – keep your cat active, whether outside or inside.This is a great thing, in the short and long term. If you only see your kitty in the evening after work, you have got to make time for some fun and games. Not only will it strengthen your relationship. It will keep your cat healthier. Dental care – this also ties into diet, but it deserves a bullet of its own. Your cat’s teeth are part of its identity. Make sure you feed your cat foods which are beneficial for its teeth and oral cavity. There are certain veggies and spices which can act as bacteria killers, and help to disinfect Mr. Whiskers’ mouth.

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